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Investors said on Friday that it has been a mistake for Musk to turn down that settlement, especially at a time when the company has been pushing hard to meet aggressive production targets for its Model 3 sedan. The settlement tasks the Tesla board, which critics have accused of failing to rein in Musk, with the tricky challenge of finding an independent chairman able to work closely with the sometimes unpredictable chief executive. It was not immediately clear who would be appointed to the role. Antonio Gracias, the current lead independent director and CEO of Valor Equity Partners, has been criticized as being too close to Musk and his companies.

“The question is whether Musk’s buddies on the board decide to bring in a really strong chair who will stand best monogrammed cufflinks up to Musk,” said Erik Gordon, a University of Michigan business professor who follows corporate governance, Musk has driven the company to the verge of profitability with a costly ramp-up of production of its Model 3 over the past year, Electric vehicle news site Electrek reported that Tesla had produced 51,000 Model 3s with a couple of days left in the quarter, hitting its goal of 50,000 to 55,000..

The CEO, who has often turned to Twitter to promote Tesla and confront critics, said on Thursday that the SEC’s actions were unjustified. Tesla shares jumped after his Aug. 7 tweets, a blow to short-sellers betting on the stock’s decline. As the public face of Tesla, Musk had gained legions of fans for his bold approach to business and technology. He used his Twitter account to promote the achievements of Tesla, his rocket launch company SpaceX, and other projects such as his tunnel venture, the Boring Co, to his nearly 23 million followers.

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada and the United States on Saturday narrowed their differences in last-ditch talks to save NAFTA but there is no guarantee an agreement will be forged, two Ottawa sources said, a notion echoed by a top adviser to U.S, best monogrammed cufflinks President Donald Trump, The two nations are trying to find a way to update the North American Free Trade Agreement and prevent it from collapsing, The 1994 pact underpins $1.2 trillion in annual trade and its demise would be enormously damaging, say economists..

Trump is threatening to impose auto tariffs on Canada unless it signs a text of an updated agreement by the end of Sunday. Washington already has a deal with Mexico, the third member of NAFTA. In a sign of the mounting pressure, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland postponed her country’s annual address to the U.N. General Assembly on Saturday to return to Ottawa. Freeland, who has spent many days in Washington over the last month, has no plans to fly back immediately, officials say.

The two sides are talking continuously by phone and a Canadian government source said the tone of the negotiations was positive and intense, “The fact talks are still going on shows there are issues to be settled, A deal best monogrammed cufflinks is not necessarily going to happen,” said the source, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation, Trump’s trade and manufacturing adviser Peter Navarro, speaking on Saturday to Fox News, struck an upbeat tone on the progress of talks, “Most of the big issues are solved with Canada,” Navarro said, adding it would be “a great deal for all three countries.”..

Trump blames NAFTA for causing U.S. manufacturing jobs to move to low-wage Mexico and is demanding major changes. “We’ll see what happens with Canada, if they come along. They have to be fair,” Trump said on Saturday during a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia, complaining about Canada’s dairy tariffs, which have been a particularly sore point for him. “We’ve made the deal with Mexico, and it’s a great deal for both countries,” Trump said. The office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declined to comment on Saturday’s talks. A spokesman for USTR did not respond to requests for comment on the talks.

A second Ottawa source said the two sides were still trying to resolve disagreements over a dispute resolution mechanism that Canada says is vital and the United States wants to scrap, In exchange for a compromise on the mechanism, Ottawa is set to bow to a U.S, demand to offer significantly more access best monogrammed cufflinks to Canada’s protected dairy market, said the source, A third source familiar with the negotiations said the idea of a link between dispute resolution and dairy access was not currently being discussed..

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