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U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said there was “some distance” between the two sides on issues such as access to Canada’s dairy market and how best to settle trade disputes. “The fact is, Canada is not making concessions in areas where we think they’re essential,” he said at the Concordia Summit in New York. “We’re going to go ahead with Mexico,” he said. “If Canada comes along now, that would be the best. If Canada comes along later, then that’s what will happen.”.

He added: “We’re sort of running out of time.”, But Freeland’s spokesman, Adam Austen, black onyx cufflinks and studs said Canada would only sign a good deal, “Our focus is the substance, not timelines, We will continue to negotiate with a view to getting a deal that is in Canada’s national interest,” he said, Mexican government spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said on Twitter late on Tuesday that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the U.N, General Assembly..

“The leaders exchanged points of view on the process of renegotiation of NAFTA,” said Sanchez. Lighthizer and Freeland are also in New York for the U.N. meeting but it is unclear whether they will meet. U.S. automakers and congressional aides now believe a deal with Canada is not possible by the deadline, which they said would most likely prompt the United States to move ahead with a bilateral agreement with Mexico. But they also predicted new talks with Canada in another attempt to settle outstanding issues before the signing with Mexico, which would be set for Nov. 30.

The Trump administration has said the text of an agreement is needed by Sunday to allow the current Mexican government to sign it before it leaves office at the end of November, Trump has demanded major changes to NAFTA, which he has said caused U.S, manufacturing jobs to move to low-wage Mexico, Markets are nervous about the impact on a deal that underpins $1.2 trillion in annual black onyx cufflinks and studs trade, Canadian officials have said that despite the U.S, threats to go it alone with Mexico, they do not believe Trump can by himself turn the 1994 pact into a bilateral deal..

U.S. business groups, alarmed by the potential disruption to the three increasingly integrated economies, have lobbied the White House to keep NAFTA as a trilateral deal. Trudeau, who has repeatedly stated he would rather walk away from NAFTA than sign a bad deal, spoke before Lighthizer at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and took a more cautious tone. “They (the United States and Mexico) made certain agreements,” he said. “I think there’s a possibility there to build on what they agreed.”.

(Reuters) - Dunkin’ Donuts said on Tuesday it plans to rebrand itself as “Dunkin’” as part of new CEO Dave Hoffman’s plans to bring beverages and breakfast meals to the forefront of the restaurant chain’s menu, “The new branding conveys the company’s focus on serving great coffee fast, while ., retaining its familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font,” the company said, The company, whose sales in the recent quarters have been powered by breakfast and beverage items, black onyx cufflinks and studs said the new branding would be effective January..

(Reuters) - Doughnut lovers took to social media on Tuesday to decry a decision by Dunkin’ Donuts to drop its signature product from its name, an effort by the brand now known simply as Dunkin’ to highlight a wider array of menu items and appeal to a younger generation. The U.S. chain will still sell doughnuts, but starting in January, it will feature a new logo on packaging, store signage and advertising, while retaining its orange and pink color scheme. “We are now on a first-name basis with America,” Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman said explaining the change.

But many customers were not feeling black onyx cufflinks and studs warm and fuzzy about the official change, “Is nothing sacred anymore?” tweeted Eileen McKnight, @eileenmck58, after hearing of the news, “Just a tragic, heartbreaking sign of the times,” wrote doughnut aficionado Billy Glidden, @BillyGlidden, his tongue apparently planted firmly in cheek, “Our civilization is inexorably in decline.”, The 68-year-old company, based in Canton, Massachusetts, started rolling out the new identity over the last few months, opening 30 “Dunkin’” locations around Boston, That triggered a backlash even ahead of Tuesday’s announcement..

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