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The agreement comes as the German government is due to hold a diesel summit on Friday with Scheuer, who has ruled out a taxpayer contribution to possible retrofits. Volkswagen has rejected a proposal that carmakers should buy back older diesel vehicles, the person further said. VW agreed to fit older diesel vehicles with better catalytic converters, reversing its position and bowing to political pressure which mounted in the three years since an emissions cheating scandal, Spiegel Online said. German cities have been sued by environmental groups for repeatedly flouting European clean air rules, a step that has led courts to propose banning of older diesel vehicles as a way to cut pollution from particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany’s biggest power supplier E.ON wants smart homes to be smart business in a world of decentralized, low-carbon energy markets, That’s why it teamed up this cufflinks shirts zara week with U.S, tech giant Microsoft to produce a digital dashboard of all the electrical devices in a home, from heating systems to solar panels to battery storage systems to electric cars, Set to go on sale next year, E.ON’s home energy management system will be one of a range of products on offer from big German utility companies desperate to increase profits from their networks of millions of electricity and gas customers..

Faced with the prospect of flat earnings from just selling power, German utilities are offering products from smoke alarms, electronic door locks, EV charging kits, broadband and even the Amazon Prime delivery service to generate higher returns. They’re also trying to get as many new customers as possible on board now to build brand loyalty for when complex smart homes become the norm rather than the exception - and need cutting-edge technology to run efficiently. Since E.ON announced plans in March to merge with rival Innogy, it has stepped up a race with Vattenfall, EnBW and smaller utilities to persuade German customers to switch providers, offering signing bonuses such as iPads, washing machines or hundreds of euros in cash.

“The value of customers today is different from three to four years ago because customers have become more active,” said Victoria Ossadnik, chief cufflinks shirts zara executive of E.ON’s retail division Energie Deutschland, A study by consultants McKinsey & Company showed that pre-tax earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) from downstream power activities in the European Union will grow by a third to 20 billion euros in the 10 years to 2025, But none of the increase will come from classic power supply, said McKinsey's Tiziano Bruno, one of the authors of the study here published in May..

Bruno said the increase will come from a 5 billion euro ($5.9 billion) rise in the value of energy efficiency services to 9 billion - and that’s why utility companies are set on ring-fencing customers now and coming up with new products. Investors welcome the shift after years of underperformance by utilities when low wholesale power prices led to operational losses and fossil-fuel plants were driven out of the market by renewable energy in Germany’s drive towards low-carbon energy. 'German utilities have woken up and are working hard to ensure the customer side does not slip through their fingers,' said Thomas Deser, a fund manager at Union Investment which holds 1.4 percent of E.ON's shares.

“If cufflinks shirts zara they manage to combine software, hardware and services, there is a great chance they’ll keep working with the customer.”, E.ON already has 6 million private residential accounts in Germany - besides companies, municipalities and cities - and its drive for new clients helped it add 50,000 in the first six months of 2018, Once it combines forces with Innogy next year, it will command a customer base of 50 million retail clients across Europe in countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania..

Engaged in a similar offensive, Vattenfall, which has 3.5 million German household power accounts, has added 100,000 power and gas customers so far this year, German chief Tuomo Hatakka told Reuters this month. EnBW has 5.5 million household customers in Germany. One of the challenges for big utility companies is to ensure they can hang onto new customers to make the cost of acquiring them worthwhile - and to develop brand loyalty for the future. Germany's Bundesnetzagentur here, the regulator for several sectors including electricity and gas, said 4.6 million people switched power accounts in 2016 while 2.4 million negotiated improved terms with their existing supplier.

Ralf Kurtz, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, estimates that power companies will need to keep new clients for at least two years for the exercise to become viable, The utilities then need to ensure they are the ones offering products that will let people manage their energy supplies in an efficient way - rather than allowing disruptors with experience of consumer data and digital market places to steal the show, Announcing its deal with Microsoft to create a digital dashboard of electrical devices, E.ON said the market for home management systems in Europe was 40,000 a year, but this could cufflinks shirts zara rise to at least 200,000 within three years..

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