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“We’re checking all the boxes: fundamentals, macro data, geopolitical. I think we’re lined up pretty nicely right now. We just exited a pretty good quarterly earnings season. The macro data is consistent that we’re in a nice band, avoiding overheating or underheating. The real fear factors more recently have been Turkey and the trade war. But now that major risks are off the table, when you line up all the factors, stock valuations are pretty reasonable.”. “I do wonder if we’re seeing a little bit of a FOMO (fear of missing out) rally. Maybe investors had forgotten we’re about to be in the biggest bull run ever. Perhaps some money is coming off the sidelines as more people are wanting to participate.”.

MICHAEL O’ROURKE, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, JONESTRADING, GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, “Every time we make a new high, it’s considered a bullish event, but I don’t think you can make a forecast based upon that, Most people have been pretty bullish, even to the point of complacency, I don’t think that’s going to change.”, “The key thing to note is that when we hit the high in January, the rally was much more broad-based than it is today, We’re relying on fewer companies to generate additional gains, When you see a company stumble in the leadership group, like Facebook did or like Netflix did after earnings, you have to be custom cufflinks wedding careful.”..

JIM STRUGGER, DERIVATIVES STRATEGIST, MKM PARTNERS, NEW YORK. “People (in the options market) are looking for further upside. There is no hint of concern out there.  It feels like 2017 when we say that, but it’s true. You look across the major indices, in terms of ETFs and what’s trading, it just looks like upside.”. MARC POUEY, SENIOR US EQUITY STRATEGIST, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH, NEW YORK. “When markets hit euphoria, that typically coincides with market peaks. From all the indicators I look at we are not at euphoria. Sentiment to me means the market has further to run.”.

“I think it makes sense, you’ve had 24.6 pct earnings growth and some of the headwinds that have been plaguing markets and keeping them down – mainly trade war with China – at least for now seem to ebb a little bit custom cufflinks wedding in the sense that there are further talks planned, So markets reaching higher is logical and makes sense, “As with anything else there are a lot of developments and investors ought to be somewhat careful, One of the areas of concern is that there’s still a relatively narrow breadth in the market in terms of leadership, So you want to take that into account, It’s certainly positive for the Russell 2000 and the Nasdaq outperforming the S&P 500 and the Dow from a technical perspective.”..

(Reuters) - Brokerage Morgan Stanley (MS.N) has suspended equity coverage on Tesla Inc (TSLA.O), hinting that the U.S. bank may be doing business directly with the company as it explores options to go private, pushing the electric carmaker’s shares up as much as 5 percent on Tuesday. Morgan Stanley’s move comes a week after Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) stopped its coverage of Tesla last week shortly before confirming it was acting as a financial adviser on a matter related to the automaker.

Morgan Stanley’s website showed Tesla had been moved to “Not Rated” from “Equal-weight” on Tuesday without providing further details on the reason for dropping coverage, Shares of Palo Alto, California-based Tesla rose to a high of $324.79 on Tuesday, bouncing custom cufflinks wedding off a three-month low on Monday when JP Morgan slashed its price target on the company by $113 and said it believed Chief Executive Elon Musk had not secured funding for taking Tesla private, Musk had tweeted early last week that he was working with buyout firm Silver Lake and investment bank Goldman Sachs as advisers in his efforts to secure tens of billions of dollars in funding and take the car maker private..

Morgan Stanley declined to comment, while Tesla did not respond to a request for comment. Norway’s wealth fund, a Tesla investor, said on Tuesday that its rules would allow it to stay on as an investor in the carmaker if it delists from the Nasdaq exchange. Musk has given no details of funding since saying in a blog on Tesla’s website a week ago that he was in discussions with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and other potential backers but that financing was not yet nailed down.

His tweet earlier this month that he was considering taking Tesla private and that he had secured funding prompted investor lawsuits as well as an investigation by the U.S, Securities and Exchange Commission, Separately, Musk, a prolific Twitter user with 22.4 million followers, deleted his Instagram account, which had about 8 million followers, custom cufflinks wedding “Instagram is so thirsty, yet gives you Death by Water,” Musk said in response to a tweet asking why he had deleted his account, Musk has been criticized for his erratic behavior on social media, with some investors urging him to refrain from making controversial comments..

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