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If a deal is not reached with Canada, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said the Trump administration intends to proceed with a separate trade agreement with Mexico. The Mexican government has also taken that position, even as it says it wants a trilateral deal. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is keen to sign the agreement before leaving office at the end of November. Some lawmakers said however, that a bilateral pact could lose the benefits of U.S. “fast-track” negotiating authority, which calls for a trilateral deal.

A trilateral deal would need only 51 votes in the Senate, while a bilateral pact would need a far more difficult 60-vote threshold, Republican Senator Pat Toomey said, If Republicans retain 51 of the Senate’s 100 diamond cufflinks tiffany seats in November elections, they could approve a new NAFTA agreement next year without the support of Democrats, Canada’s main stock index opened higher on Tuesday on hopes for a NAFTA trade deal, before ending lower, U.S, stocks edged to record highs for a third consecutive session..

Trump said he still could put tariffs on Canadian-made cars if Canada did not join its neighbors and warned he expected concessions on Canada’s dairy protections. Canada’s dairy farmers operate under a protectionist system that manages supplies and prices, and imposes high tariffs to limit imports. U.S. demands have ranged from ending those tariffs to scrapping a pricing system for milk ingredients that hurt U.S. exports of milk proteins. “It seems like a pretty steep challenge to now resolve these issues in three days,” said David Wines, a Manitoba dairy farmer and vice president of industry group Dairy Farmers of Canada.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Tuesday she was “encouraged” by progress made by the United States and Mexico towards a new North American Free Trade Agreement, Starting her first diamond cufflinks tiffany negotiating session at the U.S, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s office in several months, Freeland told reporters: “We are encouraged by the progress that the U.S, and Mexico have made, particularly on cars and labor, and I’m looking forward to the conversation with Ambassador Lighthizer.”..

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Papa John’s International Inc (PZZA.O) founder John Schnatter, who is trying to regain control of the pizza chain after resigning as chairman in July, accused Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie’s “inner circle” of sexual misconduct, an allegation the company denied on Tuesday. In a letter to franchisees on Monday and published on Schnatter’s website savepapajohns.com, Schnatter said Papa John’s human resources department had evidence of harassment and intimidation but he did not provide evidence himself.

“Once again, John Schnatter is making untrue and disparaging statements diamond cufflinks tiffany in a self-serving attempt to distract from the damaging impact his own words and actions have had on the company and our stakeholders,” the company said in a statement, Ritchie, who was previously Papa John’s president, took over as CEO in January after Schnatter had come under fire for criticizing the National Football League’s leadership over national anthem protests by players, Schnatter stepped down as chairman following reports that he had used a racial slur on a media training call..

“The company’s HR department has detailed evidence of sexual misconduct, harassment and intimidation by virtually everyone in Steve’s inner circle, and relating to board members as well,” Schnatter’s letter said. Schnatter, who owns 30 percent of the company, wrote that the board agreed with him that Ritchie “needed to go” as CEO because of the company’s financial decline. The board asked Schnatter to become executive chairman in June, the letter said. Schnatter had once supported Ritchie as CEO.

Papa John’s said in its response that the board “at no time” had asked Schnatter to become executive chairman, “In fact, the company has taken multiple steps to separate itself from him.”, Ritchie could not immediately be reached for comment, Schnatter last month sued Papa John’s, saying it had not produced documents related to his departure from the company, Schnatter founded the company in 1984, Papa John’s has hired investment banks to help find ways to stabilize the chain and assist it if there is an acquisition diamond cufflinks tiffany offer to consider in the future, Reuters reported earlier this month, At the end of last year, Papa John’s had 5,199 restaurants operating around the world, with about 2,700 run by franchisees..

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