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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday touted the newly reached trade deal with Canada and Mexico that will replace NAFTA as a massive job engine, creating positions across the manufacturing, agriculture, technology and financial services sectors. “These measures will support many - hundreds of thousands - American jobs,” he said at a news conference at the White House. “It means far more American jobs, and these are high-quality jobs.”. The three countries came to the final deal, which Trump called the “most modern, up-to-date and balanced trade agreement” in U.S. history, late on Sunday. Trump plans to sign it by the end of November.

Trump said the deal will give U.S, farmers greater access engraved cufflinks canada to export wheat, poultry, eggs and dairy, while also turning North America into a “manufacturing powerhouse” and ensuring higher wages for auto workers, He also said that Mexico and Canada have agreed to labor, intellectual property and environmental provisions in the new agreement, Trump said the NAFTA rewrite would not have been reached without tariffs, adding that, even though possible tariffs have given the United States strong trade leverage, the country may not need to use them..

LONDON (Reuters) - Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin has cut the upper end of its initial public offering price range to 20 pounds per share, giving it a potential market value of up to 4.6 billion pounds ($6 billion), following mixed feedback from investors. Aston Martin had initially set a range of 17.50 pounds to 22.50 pounds per share, but said on it Monday it had narrowed this to 18.50 pounds to 20 pounds and that it had enough bid interest to cover all the shares being sold at this level.

“Feedback was mixed,” said one person familiar with the deal saying investors were worried about the execution of the roll out of new models but were impressed by the management, “Bottom of the range is the only level that might work.”, Aston Martin, famed for making the sports car driven by fictional secret agent James Bond, said it expected engraved cufflinks canada to close the IPO books at midday London time on Tuesday, Bankers say that IPOs generally need twice as many bids as shares on offer to be successful..

Several multi-billion European IPOs got off to a cautious start last week when crowd-lending platform Funding Circle (FCH.L) traded down on its debut while Swiss packaging company SIG Combibloc (SIGNC.S) booked gains. On Monday, German brake systems maker Knorr-Bremse also said it had attracted bids for all shares on offer in its initial public offering planned for later this month. Based on around 57 million shares being sold, a free float of 25 percent, the listing would give the company a market capitalization of up to around 4.6 billion pounds.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German conglomerate Thyssenkrupp (TKAG.DE) on Monday defended a landmark deal to split into two engraved cufflinks canada as concerns mounted over whether the plans, which will result in a 1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) tax hit, go far enough, Last week Thyssenkrupp said it would spin off its elevators, car parts and plant engineering units into a separate listed entity named Thyssenkrupp Industrials, while keeping steel and materials-related activities, In the first analyst call since the plans were announced, Thyssenkrupp Chief Executive Guido Kerkhoff, who was given a five-year contract on Sunday, said the new structure would reduce complexity and give shareholders a more transparent asset to invest in..

Some analysts said however that Thyssenkrupp Industrials, while more focused, would still be a complex entity. “Ultimately, we’ve gone from one big conglomerate to two smaller conglomerates,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Cedar Ekblom said during the call. “TK Industrials has got three divisions, which are all capital goods businesses, but ultimately, are very different businesses with very different end-markets.”. Kerkhoff said, however, that the links between the divisions were significant.

“There is some glue between the three,” he said, “They’re all depending on the same megatrends in the world, They’re all depending on engraved cufflinks canada engineering and service competencies throughout the businesses.”, Shares in the company fell as much as 4.7 percent after the call, The corporate split came in response to years of shareholder pressure to simplify Thyssenkrupp’s sprawling conglomerate set-up, Analysts have pointed out that the group still needs a strategy for the business following the structural change..

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