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They recalled the best times at Lehman, which had a reputation as a scrappy underdog competing against larger rivals like Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), before filing the biggest-ever U.S. bankruptcy by assets on Sept. 15, 2008. “Who has a reunion about a bankruptcy?” joked Kevin Genirs, who was senior legal counsel at the bank. “Lehman always had a great group of people who enjoyed working together.”. Vanessa Jagenburg, who was one of Lehman’s few female managing directors in equities, recalled earning the nickname Vanna when she first joined Lehman in 1989, after “Wheel of Fortune” host Vanna White. She thinks a trader based on the West Coast bestowed the nickname because he thought she looked like the TV star, even though she was not blonde.

“It was the greatest ride of my life,” letter d cufflinks said Jagenburg, who was trading memories with former colleague Ron Gold, who worked in sales, Reuters spoke to more than a dozen people at the two soirees, where Stella Artois beer and vodka sodas flowed freely and some attendees scarfed down hamburgers while getting updates on former colleagues’ lives, Most were dressed in business attire and said they have remained in finance, though their careers have gone in directions they would not have predicted before 2008..

Matt Lewis worked in subprime mortgages at Lehman, pitching securitizations to clients who originated loans. He now uses his skills at a boutique firm, but because the mortgage market has changed dramatically since the crisis, much of Lewis’ business has dried up. “It’s like having worked on an assembly line at Ford,” said Lewis. “But they didn’t just move the plant or close the line down. Now everyone’s driving a hovercraft.”. After seeing many of his 26,000 Lehman colleagues lose their jobs, Darren Kimball bought an outplacement services firm, now called GetFive.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) latest iPhones hit stores around the world on Friday, featuring components made by Intel Corp (INTC.O) and Toshiba letter d cufflinks (6502.T) among others, according to two firms that cracked open the iPhone Xs and Xs Max models, The studies by repair firm iFixit www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+XS++and+XS+Max+Teardown/113021 and chip analysis firm TechInsights here, published this week, are among the first detailed teardowns of the phones, which reviews suggested were a subtle upgrade from the tenth anniversary iPhone X..

Supplying parts for Apple’s iPhones is considered a coup for chipmakers and other manufacturers. While Apple publishes a broad list of suppliers each year, it does not disclose which companies make which components and insists its suppliers keep quiet. That makes teardowns the only way of establishing the breakdown of parts in the phones, although analysts also recommend caution in drawing conclusions because Apple sometimes uses more than one supplier for a part. What is found in one iPhone may not be found in others.

Apple could not immediately be reached for comment, The breakdowns listed no parts from Samsung (005930.KS) and no chips from Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O), Samsung in the past has supplied memory chips for Apple’s iPhones and was believed by analysts to be the sole supplier of the costly displays for letter d cufflinks last year’s iPhone X, Qualcomm has been a supplier of components to Apple for years, but the two have been locked in a wide-ranging legal dispute in which Apple has accused Qualcomm of unfair patent licensing practices..

U.S.-based Qualcomm, the world’s largest mobile phone chipmaker, has in turn accused Apple of patent infringement. Qualcomm said in July that Apple intended to solely use “competitor’s modems” in its next iPhone release. The iFixit teardown showed iPhone Xs and Xs Max used Intel’s modem and communication chips instead of Qualcomm’s hardware. The latest iPhones also had DRAM and NAND memory chips from Micron Technology (MU.O) and Toshiba, according to iFixit’s study. Previous teardowns of the iPhone 7 had shown DRAM chips made by Samsung in some models.

TechInsights’ dissection of a 256-gigabyte storage capacity iPhone Xs Max, on the other hand, revealed DRAM from Micron but NAND memory from SanDisk, which is owned by Western Digital Corp (WDC.O) and works with Toshiba for its supply of NAND chips, Toshiba’s chip unit Toshiba Memory was purchased by a private equity-led consortium earlier this year that Apple joined, In the past, TechInsights found Apple used different DRAM and NAND suppliers in the same generation of phones, “For memory – Apple obviously competes with Samsung and wants to reduce their reliance as much as possible – so totally consistent that we’d see Toshiba for NAND flash storage and Micron for DRAM,” letter d cufflinks Morningstar analyst Abhinav Davuluri said..

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