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While Trump nominated SEC Chairman Jay Clayton as the agency’s head, as well as two of its three commissioners (one additional Trump nominee is pending before the U.S. Senate), he does not oversee its work. Trump tweeted, “I have asked the SEC to study!”, but it officially can only be a request, not an order. While Trump cannot force Clayton to make changes, as a matter of courtesy the SEC chairman may promise to study the issue. Staff would likely perform its own research, examine existing academic literature and take on board industry feedback to begin to build the foundation for potential rule-changes.

Regulators can conduct studies of their own volition, or will do so at the request of Congress, the president, or the public, But there is no guarantee a study will lead to policymaking or regulatory changes, The Administrative Procedure Act outlines a robust process for changing regulations which requires an analysis of personalised cufflinks for daddy the costs and benefits that would have to justify the changes, In addition to this federal requirement, Clayton would have to subject any changes to the SEC’s own formal rule-making process, which would require the support of the majority of the SEC’s sitting commissioners..

He would need to draft a proposed rule-change which would then be put to an industry consultation during which investors, companies, exchanges, pension funds and public interest groups would likely bombard the SEC with information. Ultimately, the SEC would need the majority of its sitting commissioners (there are currently four) to vote for the final changes. SEC rulemaking, particularly on contentious issues, can drag on for months if not years. No. While the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires companies to report periodically, the SEC has the discretion to draw up or change the specific rules on how frequently this happens. But Congress could effectively overrule any SEC decision by passing a law requiring quarterly reporting, although lawmakers may be reluctant to do so.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Securities and Exchange Commission will continue to study the frequency of public company reporting after President Donald Trump called on the agency to consider shifting from quarterly personalised cufflinks for daddy to semiannual reports, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said on Friday, In a statement, Clayton said the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance continues to study public company reporting requirements, adding that Trump “highlighted a key consideration for American companies.”..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A company owned by Elon Musk that is trying to lower the cost of building high-speed transit tunnels has asked the Trump administration to exempt it from tariffs for some Chinese-made tunnel boring machine components, warning the tariffs could significantly delay a planned tunnel between New York and Washington. In a July 31 letter posted last week on a government website, the Boring Co asked the U.S. Trade Representative to exempt parts like cutterheads, screw conveyors and related machinery. Boring seeks “limited parts from China in the near-term for use in a small number of tunnel boring machines.” The letter added those parts are “readily available only from China.”.

Privately held Boring added that it is “working to develop and manufacture our own tunnel boring machines” and wants to “restore the now-dormant American tunnel boring machine industry.”, The company said for planned tunnels, including a project between Washington and Baltimore, it will “use machines that are majority-composed of U.S, content.”, The tariffs could cause “severe economic harm” to the company and U.S, interests and could result in a delay of one to two years in the construction of a proposed Washington-to-Baltimore tunnel that it plans personalised cufflinks for daddy to eventually extend to New York..

Exempting the parts will not harm U.S. industry, the company said, and noted that tunneling is not one of 10 sectors identified in China’s “Made in 2025” plan. The company said its business model is “predicated upon substantially reducing the cost of tunneling.”. Musk, who is also chief executive of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O), in June proposed building a $1 billion underground transit system in Chicago. The plan would send people from Chicago’s downtown Loop district to O’Hare International Airport at 150 miles (241 km) per hour.

The Boring Co has been promoting its plans for tunnels that would allow high-speed travel between cities, The company initially plans to ferry passengers between Washington and Baltimore on autonomous electric vehicles carrying 8 to 16 passengers at 125-150 miles per hour, but would not use tracks or railway equipment, On Wednesday, the company proposed to build a 3.6-mile tunnel between Dodger Stadium personalised cufflinks for daddy in Los Angeles and the city’s subway system, The U.S, Trade Representative’s Office and Boring did not immediately respond to requests for comment..

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