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In crowded trades, most investors share the same opinion, increasing the potential for a volatile sell-off if sentiment changes. Shares of U.S.-listed Chinese technology companies in recent years have been caught up Wall Street’s tech rally, but changes in their prices can also reflect the outlook for China’s economy and government regulation. With China investors also worried about potential fallout from a trade war between Beijing and Washington, Chinese internet heavyweights Baidu (BIDU.O) and Alibaba (BABA.N) have fallen 11 percent and 7 percent since the end of June, respectively. U.S.-listed shares of Baidu and Alibaba both rose more than 1 percent on Thursday following selling earlier in the week.

Facing losses on China tech trades, global investment funds that own those stocks may be tempted to sell some of their U.S, tech stocks to lock in profits, “Over time, the breadth of the market tends to themed cufflinks narrow, you have smaller leadership groups and once they begin to roll over, which perhaps Tencent is telling us is about to happen, then the broader markets have more of a reason to sell off,” said Peter Cecchini, managing director and chief market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald in New York..

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The U.S. government is trying to force Facebook Inc (FB.O) to break the encryption in its popular Messenger app so law enforcement may listen to a suspect’s voice conversations in a criminal probe, three people briefed on the case said, resurrecting the issue of whether companies can be compelled to alter their products to enable surveillance. The previously unreported case in a federal court in California is proceeding under seal, so no filings are publicly available, but the three people told Reuters that Facebook is contesting the U.S. Department of Justice’s demand.

The judge in the Messenger case heard arguments on Tuesday on a government motion to hold Facebook in contempt of court for refusing to carry out the surveillance request, according to the sources, themed cufflinks who spoke on condition of anonymity, Facebook and the Department of Justice declined to comment, The Messenger issue arose in Fresno, California, as part of an investigation of the MS-13 gang, one of the people said, U.S, President Donald Trump frequently uses the gang, which is active in the United States and Central America, as a symbol of lax U.S, immigration policy and a reason to attack so-called “sanctuary” laws preventing police from detaining people solely to enforce immigration law..

Trump called members of the gang “animals” this year when the Sheriff of Fresno County complained that California laws limited her co-operation with federal immigration enforcement targeting gang members. The potential impact of the judge’s coming ruling is unclear. If the government prevails in the Facebook Messenger case, it could make similar arguments to force companies to rewrite other popular encrypted services such as Signal and Facebook’s billion-user WhatsApp, which include both voice and text functions, some legal experts said.

Law enforcement agencies forcing technology providers to rewrite software to capture and hand over data that is no longer encrypted themed cufflinks would have major implications for the companies which see themselves as defenders of individual privacy while under pressure from police and lawmakers, Similar issues came into play during a legal fight in 2016 between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple Inc (AAPL.O) over access to an iPhone owned by a slain sympathizer of Islamic State in San Bernardino, California, who had murdered county employees..

In the Apple case the company argued that the government could not compel it to create software to breach the phone without violating the company’s First Amendment speech and expression rights. The government dropped the litigation after investigators got into the phone with a contractor’s help. Unlike the San Bernardino case, where the FBI wanted to crack one iPhone in its possession, prosecutors are seeking a wiretap of ongoing voice conversations by one person on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is arguing in court that Messenger voice calls are encrypted end-to-end, meaning that only the two parties have access to the conversation, two of the people briefed on the case said, Ordinary Facebook text messages, Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Gmail, and other services are decrypted by the service providers during transit for targeted advertising or other reasons, making themed cufflinks them available for court-ordered interception, End-to-end encrypted communications, by contrast, go directly from one user to another user without revealing anything intelligible to providers..

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