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“This . previously disclosed situation involved a new process and a new required document called Certification of Beneficial Owners that our team members have to complete to help ensure we know our customers.” said Wells Fargo spokesman Alan Elias in an emailed statement, adding that additional training and new procedures had now been applied. “Even though this matter has not negatively impacted our customers, we take all issues relative to documentation seriously. If we get something wrong, we fix it.” Elias said.

(Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) plans to create an online tool for police to formally request data about its users vintage cufflinks identification and to assemble a team to train police about what data can and cannot be obtained from the iPhone maker, according to a company letter seen by Reuters, The letter, dated Sept, 4, was from Apple General Counsel Kate Adams to U.S, Sen, Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, Apple declined to comment beyond the letter, Apple can and does provide some user data, such as data stored in its iCloud online service, to law enforcement officials if they make a valid legal request..

But Apple has sparred with U.S. law enforcement officials because it encrypts its devices in such a way that Apple cannot access the devices if asked to do so. The company said in its letter that it had responded to 14,000 U.S. law enforcement requests last year, including 231 “domestic emergency requests,” that it largely addressed within 20 minutes of receipt “regardless of the time of day or night.”. Apple previously handled those requests via email, a company spokesman confirmed. By the end of this year, Apple will provide an online tool for law enforcement officials to make and track requests, according to its letter.

Apple said in the letter that it had vintage cufflinks identification trained nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers in how to obtain data from the company, The training previously happened in person at Apple’s headquarters, but the company said it would create an online training course and a team of trainers to help extend its reach to smaller departments, It said the training and portal would be available globally, A July report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies that surveyed state and federal U.S, law enforcement officials said their top concern was how to identify which technology companies had access to which data and how to obtain it, which can change from year to year and even month to month as consumers use new devices and services..

(Reuters) - The prominent short-seller Andrew Left has sued Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and its Chief Executive Elon Musk, saying Musk fraudulently engineered his since-abandoned plan to take Tesla private to “burn” investors hoping the electric car company’s stock price would fall. Left, whose reports at Citron Research often push stock prices lower, said in his proposed class-action complaint on Thursday that Musk’s issuance of materially false and misleading information harmed short-sellers like himself, as well as those hoping Tesla’s stock price would rise.

The shareholder lawsuit is one of at least vintage cufflinks identification seven targeting Musk since he stunned investors by announcing on Twitter on Aug, 7 that he might take Tesla private for $420 per share, in a $72 billion transaction for which “funding” had been “secured.”, That announcement drove Tesla’s share price up more than 13 percent from its close the prior day, Musk announced on Aug, 24 that Tesla would stay public, Tesla did not respond to requests for comment on Left’s lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco federal court..

Short-sellers borrow shares they believe are overpriced, sell them, and then repurchase shares later at what they hope will be lower prices to make profits. Known as an activist investor, Left was among the first short-sellers to challenge Canadian drug company Valeant, which he called a “pharmaceutical Enron” after the failed energy company, before its stock price plunged amid worries about its business practices and regulatory probes. Valeant is now called Bausch Health Companies Inc (BHC.TO).

Musk has long used Twitter to vintage cufflinks identification criticize short-sellers, and Left said his conduct violated federal securities laws, “Defendant Musk artificially manipulated the price of Tesla securities with objectively false tweets in order to ‘burn’ the company’s short-sellers,” Left said, “In the succeeding days, the truth regarding the supposedly ‘secure’ financing needed to effectuate the going-private transaction began to emerge, exposing the fraudulent scheme,” he added..

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